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      Healthy employees are the driving force of enterprise development. On May 18, 2019, TRIPITAKA Building materials Co., LTD. organized to carry out the free physical examination, to bring warmth to the heart of each employee and hold up the "umbrella of health" for employees.For better working, TRIPITAKA has communicated and coordinated with the physical examination center of Shuitou Binhai hospital for many times on the principle of convenience for employees. Finally, Binhai hospital agreed to take the medical examination vehicle and the medical examination team to the factory for the health examination of the whole factory employees.This physical examination, in addition to arrange some routine physical examination for employees, such as: blood routine, urine routine, blood pressure, chest X-ray, etc., also specially arranged for some special types of work occupational disease physical examination, like hearing test, lung color ultrasound. More targeted physical examination for the employees.The whole process of physical examination was orderly, standardized and reasonable, and ended successfully with the cooperation of all departments.

      Every year, TRIPITAKA will organize regular physical examinations for employees, so that they can have a comprehensive understanding of their physical conditions. To prevent and treat diseases as early as possible, to ensure that all employees are fully engaged in their work. To making everyone fully feel the warmth of the big family of TRIPATAKA, increase the cohesion and centripetal force of enterprises, and create a good atmosphere of harmonious development.

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