1. Stone the corporate quarry resources is a necessary condition for all those engaged in the development of the stone company; our company with Spain LEVENTINA Stone Group, Turkey TUMAS Group maintained year-round strategic cooperation, resource sharing partnership. LEVENTINA is a large multinational company, owns 63 quarry and 14 processing base's ace quarry Cream Marfil COTO quarry is the industry recognized the largest reserves, and the best quality marble quarry, powerful resources and service advantages, product and technology innovation and strive for perfection, it has maintained a leading position in the stone industry. TUMAS Group is a company with the development of energy and has seven quarry is a comprehensive group, five processing base conglomerate's Magnolia, Cappuccino, travertine, Picasso gold, hibiscus jade and other varieties



The company has passed ISO quality and environmental certification to ensure corporate sustainability and social needs of the development.


3.Company pursues "professionalism, dedication, innovation, responsibility and service" of philosophy; uphold the "Honesty and faith, harmony and common prosperity," the purpose; adhering to the "people-oriented and to create value and service to society" mainstream values, to strive for progress, steady development, continuous self-improvement and self-transcendence. We sincerely hope that with the new and old customers at domestic and foreign  to join hands to develop, advance with the times, create brilliant!



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